Presenting the NJ SkillsUSA

Virtual Closing Ceremony 2020 


This is the 2020 Virtual Closing Ceremony Broadcast for New Jersey. With the help of many other SkillsUSA team members we have compiled an amazing production to honor ALL of our state members.


Join us for our end of year celebration :


You can also find the YouTube URL on NJ SkillsUSA social media platforms.

A Look Back at 2019-2020

September:  The new State Officer Team has their first meeting

of the school year and begins planning for the coming year.

The SkillsUSA Framework illustrates how students fulfill the mission of the organization “to empower members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.”

Why it Works: 

  • Empowers every student to achieve career success

  • Delivers a skill set demanded by business and industry but lacking in many employees today

  • Ensures that every student member receives a consistent and specific skill set


Peter Carey

State Director

SkillsUSA New Jersey

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