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Offsite Contests scheduled for Friday, March 03:
Building Maint, Criminal Justice Quiz Bow, Early Childhood Ed, Central Region Job Interview, Job Skill Demo A & Open, Career Pathways Showcase: Arts & Commun, Ed and Training, Finance, Health Sci, Human Services
Date: Friday, March 03
Reporting Time: 8:00 am 
Ending time: 2:00 pm (approximate)
Location: Mercer Co.: Sypek Center, 129 Bull Run Rd., Pennington, NJ 08534
Site Coordinator:  Dave Nash, dnash@mcts.net

A Mercer Sypek Campus Map is Available
There will be 2 separate drop offs and reporting areas for the March 3 contests.  Please call our office for a copy of the map to avoid confusion next Friday.


Offsite contest at Mercer Tech, Sypek
The March 3 contests at Mercer Tech will also include the MRE Challenge, sponsored by the US Army and the local chapter of Mercer Co. Tech SkillsUSA.


Update on Post Secondary Eligibility
In January, we published the following: An important reminder in the technical standards refers to eligibility to compete, and it states that participants in national contests must be first place winners selected on a competitive basis at the state level. This is the reason we cannot register collegiate/post secondary students where there is only one student in the post secondary category. 
After checking with the national office, the definition of "competitive event" was clarified to mean that if a student meets the "standard" cut score for a gold medal, it's the same as winning an actual student vs. student competition.  So, bottom line, a single post secondary student can win a gold medal as long as they meet the standard. This is the same way we have operated in the past, so there is no change. I apologize for any confusion.
Offsite Contests scheduled for Saturday, March 04
Medical Math, Medical Terminology, Health Knowledge Bowl, Health Occ. Prof. Portfolio
Date: Saturday, March 04
Reporting Time: 8:00 am 
Ending time: 2:00 pm (approximate)
Location: Hudson Co.:Jersey City, 525 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ  07302
Site Coordinator:  Mike Grele,  mgrele@hcstonline.org


Career Pathways REMINDER
As stated in the tech standards:  “ All projects must be self-contained.  There will no on-site tech support, Internet hookup or backup equipment.”    Please remind your teams to be prepared- there will be no internet availability.

Health Occ Prof. Portfolios Due by March 1
Be sure your students Health Occ Portfolios are in our office by the end of the school day next Wednesday, March 1.  The Judges will be reviewing the materials prior to the Saturday competition.


 Info for your Welding Instructors
Welding instructors are invited to a welding clinic at Innovative Solutions and Technology.  The clinic is free and is for your edification regarding some of the new welding technologies being used in the automotive industry.  As many of you know, these new technologies are being tested at the Skills national level.  We offer this clinic as an awareness opportunity to all of you instructing these talented new auto body technicians.  As new technicians entering the auto body industry, they will need to be aware and hopefully exposed to these new attachment methods.  There will be no formalized training offered at this event, just exposure to the new methods being used in our industry.
     We will offer demonstrations in:
•    Aluminum MIG welding
•    Steel MIG welding
•    STRSW
•    Silicon bronze welding
•    Rivet bonding
   We hope to fill a Saturday morning event with those interested in seeing some of these demonstrations first hand.  This would be most beneficial to you, as instructors, to be able to bring back this information to your students.  We will have limited seating, 20, so please RSVP as soon as possible.  We hope to have a successful awareness seminar and your attendance will make it so.
   Please RSVP to: 
   Event date, time and location are:    April 1, 2017   8:30 AM
    Innovative Solutions and Technology 2 Frassetto Way, Unit 2 Lincoln Park, NJ 07035



Are Your Students Looking for Scholarships? 
 SkillsUSA membership has its advantages, and there are numerous opportunities for members to apply for scholarships. There are several scholarship opportunities available for students on the SkillsUSA website, and more are added regularly. Please continually check the website at: www.skillsusa.org/membership-resources/scholarships-financial-aid/  


National Membership Deadline Approaching
The national membership deadline is only days away, so make sure you have submitted your members by March 1. Students must meet both state and national deadlines to be eligible for national competition. If you have questions or need assistance with online membership registration, hotline operators are prepared to help. Call toll free at 844-875-4557: , or email operators@skillsusa.org for assistance.
Safety Video Contest Submissions Due March 1
SkillsUSA is partnering with CareerSafe for a national video competition in which teens create a video on workplace safety. Note: This is not part of the SkillsUSA Championships competitions and has no impact on a student’s eligibility to compete.
The contest kicked off Oct. 15, and all submissions need to be sent to CareerSafe by March 1. The winning students will receive a SkillsUSA prize pack as well as a scholarship up to $2,500. The winning school will receive a prize up to $5,000.  Click for the contest details or go to: www.careersafeonline.com/index.php/national-youth-safety-video-contest.

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