Friday Flash, March 19, 2021




Contestant Clothing Reminder

Due to the numerous challenges our chapters have dealt with this year, it is not expected that all students will have had the opportunity to acquire the official attire prescribed by the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards.  With that in mind, our judges will not be deducting points for failure to comply with the published dress requirements.  However, students are expected to look professional and wear the clothes that are associated with their trade.  For leaderships contests, the rule of thumb has always been “business attire” in lieu of “official” SkillsUSA attire.  Today the new definition is “business casual” which means a sport coat, wind breaker or sweater with a button down or polo shirt for boys, and similar business casual attire for girls.  Although common sense should be the rule, please know that judges will not be deducting points for clothing violations unless it is offensive or inappropriate.  Please no t-shirts.


Virtual Backdrop Option for Virtual Competitions

As you know, virtual backdrops can be employed when students are competing in the Zoom meeting format.  While not required, it is recommended that students consider using a professional looking backdrop, especially if they are competing from home. We can provide some technical tips on how to create a SkillsUSA logo backdrop if you are interested.  Contact Taylor Heaney at for assistance.


Pre-screening requirements for In-Person Competitions

All those competing in-person will be required to fill out and present a completed Pre-screening Checklist that is utilized by the host facility.  These checklists will be soon posted on, in the Downloads tab, and they will be identified both by the host facility and the names of the contests.  Advisors should download the appropriate checklists and/or insure that their students complete the checklist that is required for their competition.   


Computer Reminder

If students are using their personal computers to compete virtually, please be reminded that they need to have a video camera installed. Also, some of our contests will require students to use software that is installed on their personal computer in order to perform the contest. If their laptop is older, or if they are on a PC, they might not have video. Please make sure that your students have full video/audio capabilities.


Notebook Submission Guidelines

Students submitting electronic notebooks are advised to use PowerPoint software.  While there are numerous “bells and whistles” available in PowerPoint that can enhance the appearance and functionality of the slide show, judges will not be awarding extra points for these extra features. Let us know if you have any questions.


Student Retention Challenge

As we get closer to the SkillsUSA Championships, we need to think about retaining the students who are registered for competition.  It’s particularly worrisome that many students will be on spring break the week before they compete.  I have encouraged all contest coordinators to reach out to their registered competitors and “keep them in the loop”, so to speak.  Please share any motivational strategies you might come up with, and we’ll be thinking about it as well.


COVID 19 Protocols for Virtual Contestants

Please be advised that students competing virtually from your school district should follow your local protocols related to COVID 19.  Our judges have been told to be flexible and sensitive to these issues and will not deduct points or penalize students who are in compliance with local standards and guidelines.  This could especially involve social distancing. Let us know if you have any questions.


Special Invitation from the Golden Knights

The Army's Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, will be hosting a Tandem Camp from June 8th - 10th at Skydive Cross Keys, in Williamstown, New Jersey. ( SkillsUSA advisors have been invited to participate. The intent of this program is to strengthen and build relationships with community partners like SkillsUSA.  They will be jumping 15 people per day over 3 days, so a total of 45 individuals will be able to participate in the skydive. On each day, all 15 skydivers will check in for a briefing, usually at 8:30 AM. After the briefing is completed, 3 people are taken up to conduct the jump at a time. When the plane lands, 3 more are taken, until all 15 are complete. Pending weather, the jumps are typically completed by 1:00 PM at the latest. Once individuals are done with their jump, they can leave. Jumpers are welcome to stay, and typically do so they can get the video of their jump on a thumb drive the Golden Knights provide.

Restrictions on who can skydive:

- Must be over the age of 18

- Must weigh less than 225 pounds

- If over the age of 65, must provide a doctor's release

- Certain medical conditions also require a release

- Cannot be under treatment for any physical infirmity or chronic ailment or injury of any nature

- Cannot have been treated for cardiac or pulmonary conditions or diseases, diabetes, fainting spells or convulsions, nervous disorder, kidney or related diseases, high or low blood pressure

- Cannot be under any medication of any kind

- Cannot be pregnant

- Cannot be a public official running for office.

- Cannot have drank alcohol within 12 hours prior to the jump 

If you’ve ever felt like jumping off of a bridge this year, here’s a safer alternative.  Let me know if you are interested.


Advisor Meeting Reminder: Tuesday, March 24 at 4 PM

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