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Mechatronics Announcement

Schools that are interested in participating in the Mechatronics Demonstration Contest, please contact Stefany Gurgel at Since this will be the first time running this competition in NJ, we are looking to provide workshops for schools that are interested in competing but don't have the equipment. Stefany Gurgel will work with you to schedule the workshop.


Reminder: The Membership Deadline is Approaching

Any student who wishes to compete in the 2020 NJ SkillsUSA Championships must join the national organization by January 15.  Details on how to join are available by calling the membership hotline at

844 875-4557.



New Career Essentials Suite Videos Available

In today’s world, it’s not enough for students to have just technical skills. If they want to advance their career potential and compete in today’s job market, students need to stand out, be distinct and stay a step ahead. How can you ensure students are career-ready? 

 The SkillsUSA Career Essentials suite engages students in defining, implementing and measuring their career-readiness skills along every point in their educational journey, whether it be middle-school, high-school or college/postsecondary including the adult learner. The curriculum generates high levels of student engagement and is built on evidence-based outcomes that support the industry-validated SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Assessments.

Together, curricula and assessments work to culminate in students earning the industry-recognized SkillsUSA Career Essentials Credential. You no longer need to search for a curriculum that will fulfill national and state standards related to career readiness. Visit the refreshed SkillsUSA Career Essentials website for more information including brochures and new videos at:


Plan Now for SkillsUSA Week

During SkillsUSA Week on February 2-8, encourage student members and advisors to plan ahead and host events that include administrators, business leaders and legislators. You can participate in SkillsUSA Week lots of different ways: hold an open house, invite local media to tour your programs, conduct a community service project, work with area businesses to build more meaningful partnerships, or engage with policymakers to talk about the value of technical education.

Monday, Feb. 3 – Appreciation Day

Tuesday, Feb. 4 – Advocacy Day

Wednesday, Feb. 5 – Member Outreach Day

Thursday, Feb. 6 – SkillsUSA Service Day

Friday, Feb. 7 – SkillsUSA Day

For a sample calendar, proclamation and press release, go to:

Visit to order your SkillsUSA Week T-shirt and a whole host of products that are ready for your week of celebration!

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