Friday Flash, December 04, 2020




NJ SkillsUSA Championships Update From State Director, Peter Carey

As a result of the recent advisor survey we have determined the level of interest in the skill and leadership contests planned for 2021.  Because of an anticipated drop in membership it looks like we will have half the total number of contestants.  This means we will need to reduce the number of contests, with the priority being where there are contests with high interest, as well as aligning with national competitions.  Lead Advisors will soon be receiving the 2021 Contestant Registration Information Booklet for planning purposes.  You will notice that the dates and locations are not listed because we are still assessing our options.  There will be no “state only” contests nor low participation contests.  Of course, we will maintain flexibility, but right now the plan is to conduct leadership and display-style contests virtually in March, and in-person skill competitions in April.  


Please note that the national competitions will be all be virtual, with a few exceptions.  State directors have been encouraged to do whatever is feasible at the state level, and so our commitment is to offer as many in-person experiences as possible. This is the message we have consistently received from advisors and business partners. We will keep you informed as our plans evolve. 





Plan Now for 2021 SkillsUSA Week

SkillsUSA Week is Feb. 7-13, and you can participate in many different ways: Honor your community supporters, connect with local business and industry professionals, or make a presentation about your CTE program and SkillsUSA chapter at a school board meeting. We encourage you to celebrate all week by planning activities that follow this daily schedule of events that will be held by local chapters nationwide:


  • Monday, Feb. 8, Recognition Day. Celebrate and honor members, advisors, administrators, business partners, community leaders and supporters who make a meaningful impact on your CTE program and SkillsUSA chapter.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 9, Give Back Day. Rally around your school and community by focusing on ways for your chapter to give back.

  • Wednesday, Feb. 10., Partner Day. Invite local business and industry leaders to connect with chapter members as you highlight the importance of developing the career-readiness skills found in the SkillsUSA Framework.

  • Thursday, Feb. 11, Advocacy Day. Amplify CTE in your community by conducting a local public relations activity, such as presenting to school board members, administrators or community leaders.

  • Friday, Feb. 12, SkillsUSA Day. Celebrate SkillsUSA by wearing your favorite SkillsUSA shirt, planning a celebration activity or posting your Framework story on social media using the hashtag #SkillsUSAWeek.

For a packet of resources including information on how to request time on a school board meeting agenda with talking points, a guide to celebrating SkillsUSA in your chapter, and resources to help you engage local business and industry leaders, go to:

Congratulations to Thomas Glaser from Walker County Center of Technology in Jasper, Ala. for winning the 2021 SkillsUSA Week T-Shirt Design Contest! Visit the SkillsUSA Store at to order SkillsUSA Week T-shirts and other logo products to support your week of celebration. 


Professionals Can Now Print Membership Cards Instantly

SkillsUSA has implemented a new feature that allows all professional members to print their own membership cards as soon as they join, right from the membership registration website. This new feature provides each member with a quality, printable card without the wait. Each school/organization has the option to print individual cards on one page or print multiple professional cards to a single page using the batch print option. A log-on to the membership registration site is required. With this new feature, the professional membership card mailing by the national office has been discontinued.
To print your card(s), simply log-on at > Membership tab> select Print Professional Cards-Single Print, locate the page your name is on and print just that page or select Print Professional Cards-Batch Print, to print multiple cards to one page.  We recommend you print on white card stock for a quality image, and you can laminate the cards if desired. Once joined, your SkillsUSA professional membership and benefits are accessible through July of 2021.


Looking for High-Quality, Online Curriculum?

The SkillsUSA Career Essentials suite engages students in defining, implementing and measuring their career-readiness skills along every point in their educational journey, whether it be middle-school, high-school, college/postsecondary, or even adult learners. It is a project-based learning curriculum housed in an online platform and includes the turnkey resources teachers need to be successful, including professional development. The curriculum generates high levels of student engagement and provides the opportunity for students to earn the industry-recognized Career Essentials credential. Watch this video to hear what instructors are saying about the Career Essentials suite.

To learn more, visit

To view discounted price models, visit

To register to attend a Career Essentials overview, click HERE.


Apply for a Student Tuition Grant  

Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Co. is awarding an education grant for skilled trades students who are just starting out in their field. Three students will be chosen to receive a $1,000 grant to go toward trade school tuition. Students who apply will respond to a prompt created by Saf-Gard and then send responses and photos to a designated contact for a weekly blog update. The deadline to apply is Jan. 13, 2021. For more information, visit:


Professional Development is a SkillsUSA Professional Membership Benefit

During the month of December, there are many opportunities to participate in SkillsUSA professional development sessions related to a variety of new educational resources and programs. Check out the schedule:

Dec. 8 – Conflict Management at Work & Critical Thinking at Work

Dec. 10 – Framework Integration 101

Dec. 14 – Program of Work

Dec. 15 – Conflict Management at Work

To view the full schedule of professional development opportunities and register to attend, log in to SkillsUSA CONNECT and visit the “Professional Development Opportunities” page under “Advisor Resources.” Or, visit:


Educational Resources — December Special

The Essential Element decision-making is an important career-readiness skill found in the workplace component of the SkillsUSA Framework. The “At Work” series will empower you to engage your students with critical thinking strategies. Students will learn to creatively problem-solve, identify new solutions, and manage conflict effectively to increase positive morale, innovation and teamwork. The two resources in this bundle provide workplace scenarios to ensure students have the opportunity to apply skills learned. During the month of December, you can purchase the “At Work,” series — which includes “Critical Thinking at Work” and “Conflict Management at Work” — for $25.00, which saves over 15%.  Use SKU# BKS912-1 when you order at