Friday Flash, May 29, 2020

Distribution of Awards, Prizes, and Chapter Notebooks

Next week we will begin delivering awards, prizes, and notebooks to selected chapters.  Individual delivery times and dates will be coordinated with chapter advisors.



Thanks to all the chapters that provided the information we needed in order to process refunds of state conference registration fees.  There are a couple of chapters that haven’t provided tax ID numbers that we require, and we are following up accordingly. 


Unpaid Dues

The national office has asked us to announce the following in regards to unpaid national dues:


"As we wrap up the 2019-20 SkillsUSA year, we are writing to request your assistance in collecting past due membership dues for your school...The SkillsUSA national headquarters has been attempting to collect on these dues by mailing the monthly statements, sending follow up emails to advisors and in some cases making phone calls. In these attempts the invoices have not been paid. Your assistance will help our state association to resolve all our past due invoices.


We are so disappointed that your schools remain closed, and that our state and national competitions were canceled this year for the safety of our members. However, the cancellation of these events has no bearing on owed national membership dues. Your dues support ongoing state and national programming and your membership provides so many opportunities for engagement as well as grants and scholarships for your school and students.


Only schools with paid membership remain in good standing with SkillsUSA and will be qualified to register next school year, qualify for future competitions or opportunities to serve as delegates or national officer candidates. We have exciting new programming and grants coming for 2020-21 and we hope you will take advantage of the many benefits SkillsUSA provides... If you have any questions about outstanding invoices, please contact or 1-844-875-4557.”


Sad News

I am very sorry to report that Mr. Ron Usher, SkillsUSA Chapter Advisor from Elizabeth High School, succumbed to the COVID 19 virus on April 6. Ron started his association with our organization as a student member of the New Jersey Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA)   New Jersey SkillsUSA plans to honor his memory by purchasing a commemorative paver to be displayed at the National SkillsUSA Leadership Center in Leesburg, VA. For more details please go to Our sincere sympathies go out to Ron’s family.


Looking Ahead to September

Many advisors have been asking about what things will look like next year as far as the state calendar of activities and events. There are obviously many unknowns as of this moment, but we will soon announce a modified program of work and tentative dates so you may begin to make plans before the end of this school year.  Details to come.