Friday Flash, October 2, 2020




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SkillsUSA Membership: Connect, Learn, Grow

Looking for new ways to share what SkillsUSA is all about? Show your students, other instructors and school administration the SkillsUSA Membership: Connect, Learn, Grow video here.


Join the Conversation

In addition to advisor resources and Empowering Experiences for students, SkillsUSA CONNECT provides a collaboration space for you to connect and engage with other SkillsUSA advisors from across the nation. Create your account today! 

You will find instructions to create your complimentary account when you login at and click the CONNECT logo for registration instructions.


Professional development is available to help you gain confidence for successful integration of SkillsUSA resources into your classroom and SkillsUSA chapter. To view the full schedule of opportunities and register to attend, log in to your SkillsUSA CONNECT account and choose “Professional Development Opportunities” from the “Advisor Resources” tab. Or, visit:

 Upcoming sessions include:

Oct. 6 – Chapter Officer Election Guide

Oct. 6 – Experiential Activities to Promote the Framework

Oct. 7 – JumpStart 2.0

Oct. 8 – Framework Integration 101


Empowering Experiences
SkillsUSA’s Empowering Experiences help students find new ways to connect, engage and stay motivated. Students have shared that through SkillsUSA membership, they are seeking community, growth and recognition. Each of these themes have been ingrained in the experiences that have been created. As an advisor, you will find instructions to create your complimentary account and help your students set up their SkillsUSA CONNECT accounts by clicking here. Through SkillsUSA CONNECT, students can engage in all of the exciting student experiences that have been created specific to their needs. There’s never been a better time to be connected to SkillsUSA!


Chapter Officer Video Series

If you are looking for new ways to build strong local chapters, consider promoting CHARGE with your officer team. This newly launched video series focuses on chapter officers’ growth and development. From digging into their leadership potential to learning more about working effectively as a team, your officers will be empowered to lead their peers and create impactful chapter experiences this year, even if they are in a completely virtual environment. The second episode launches Oct. 2, and you can review previous episodes in SkillsUSA CONNECT. Encourage your officers to create their account in SkillsUSA CONNECT to access CHARGE. 


NASSP Democracy Powered by You(th)

NASSP Student Leadership has launched a nationwide get-out-the-vote initiative with DoSomething!, a self-described “youth movement for good.” All schools — public, private, charter, etc. — are welcome to participate in Ready, Set, Vote, the largest online voter registration drive led by students. Completely free, the online voter registration tool allows students at any school to create personalized voter captain pages to help get their age-eligibile peers and community registered to vote this year.

Volunteer credit from NASSP and DoSomething, opportunities for scholarships, and even school competition awards (most number of registrations by state, most creative campaigns, etc.) are available as part of this initiative this fall.   Election Day is November 3. Visit to get info to share and learn more.