Have You Looked at the Membership Resources?

Not sure how to get started as a new advisor?  Check out SkillsUSA’s 2021 Recruitment Week resources You’ll  find videos to show your students, and advisor resources to help coach you and your chapter leaders around recruitment and engagement.


The 2022 Tech Standards Have Been Posted!

The SkillsUSA National Technical Standards is the official competition guide for the SkillsUSA Championships and is revised annually.  It contains rules for all national events, including an overview, lists of technical skills and knowledge required, eligibility, and equipment lists.  The NJ state events are modeled closely after the national standards.  Advisors should review the national requirements to get an idea of what the state event will involve.

Access to the Tech Standards is a benefit of professional membership.  National dues for professional members are $20 plus $11 state dues, and you can find our registration site here.

 If you need help processing your membership, contact the SkillsUSA Customer Care Line at  844 875 4557.


SkillsUSA Logos for Promo & Marketing Materials

Attached are logos to use in promoting your chapter activities.  You will find one for this year’s theme: United as One, the official NJ SkillsUSA logo, and our Jersey SkillsUSA logo for unofficial materials such as chapter apprarel.




Give Your Chapter’s Local Service Projects a National Spotlight

SkillsUSA is on the lookout for local community service project stories to publish in the Spotlight section of our SkillsUSA Champions digital hub. If your chapter has completed a project for your community or plans to complete one this school year, please email information and photos to editors Jane Short and Hayley Uffelman, and one of them will reach out to you. This is a great assignment for a local chapter reporter. Any story leads are also appreciated.


New Career Cluster Pins on The SkillsUSA Store

Make a statement and showcase pride in your career and technical skills with a new Career Cluster Lapel Pin. The 14 new lapel pins represent many career pathways and can be paired with our new Career Cluster Tees. Check out these new collections on the SkillsUSA Store.


Join the “Love and Logic” Workshops

SkillsUSA is offering a series of “Love and Logic” sessions to help instructors build relationships as they make teaching more fun and rewarding. Educators will be provided with tools and techniques that will help them achieve respectful, healthy relationships with students. By exploring the principles of Love and Logic, you will leave with specific solutions for situations you may face with your students. The registration fee is $10 per session. Register here. For questions, contact Karolina Belen


Access to Industry Experts on “Technical Fridays”

Join us for “Technical Fridays,” SkillsUSA's industry-led initiative for workshops helping teachers develop specific technical skills relevant to their career fields of interest. On Oct. 29 at 4 p.m. ET, the focus is on the healthcare cluster, specifically on skills for Nursing Assistants. Register here.



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