Friday Flash, October 23, 2020




State Director’s Update

It has come to my attention that certain SkillsUSA districts are considering not running SkillsUSA this year because of the conditions and changes brought about by COVID 19. Many districts have curtailed all field trips. While things are nothing close to normal this year, I wanted you to know that I believe students need a CTSO experience now more than ever. And if districts withdraw from participation this year, it is feared that continuity will be lost, and future participation could become doubtful. 


So, here is the updated plan for 2020-21:

1.) SkillsUSA is planning a low cost virtual Fall Leadership Conference for November 16-19. The content from the workshops and presentations will be archived for many months so that students have total flexibility in how and when they participate. In other words, although there will be content released daily from November 16-19, registered students will ultimately have access to the entire conference platform any time after November 16.  They do not have to log in at any specific time of the day.  A full conference agenda is available by contacting


2.)The SkillsUSA Championships are scheduled to take place in late March and throughout April, 2021 as in-person events, provided they can be conducted safely and in compliance with host district requirements. A special statewide awards celebration is planned for May 20, 2021 that will provide an alternative to the national conference since the NLSC will most likely be conducted virtually. 


3.) Finally, we have officer elections scheduled for November 17, and our new virtual format facilitates participation from ALL chapters. This means your students have an unprecedented opportunity to participate as both voting delegates and officer candidates. 


While it is commonly understood that all CTE programs are required to be affiliated with a career and technical student organization, we feel that SkillsUSA offers your students the best option. 
If there’s any additional information I can provide to assist you in establishing your chapter, please let me know. 

Best regards. 
Peter Carey





ACTE Webinar Is Suggested Viewing

This ACTE webinar on inclusion and equity is worth watching.. Here’s the link:


Help Share SkillsUSA’s Inclusion and Diversity Efforts

SkillsUSA strives to be an inclusive organization that is welcoming to all who want to be members. This is our official statement of inclusion and diversity, which is on the website and applies to all members nationwide: 

“In keeping with a tradition of respect for the individuality of our members and our role in workforce development, SkillsUSA strives to ensure inclusive participation in all of our programs, partnerships and employment opportunities. SkillsUSA’s diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, thinking styles, experience and education. We strive to make all members, partners and employees feel welcomed and valued in the SkillsUSA family. SkillsUSA believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. We want SkillsUSA to be regarded as a “membership organization of choice” — one that encourages all individuals to be involved.”

If you want to share this statement with members, it is posted here:


Pour the IndusTEA

On Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 2 p.m. (EST), SkillsUSA will be hosting a career cluster panel discussion specific to each career cluster that we cover. This new high-energy, informative experience will connect members with business and industry partners. We invite you and your students to attend this event to gain useful insight and information about the industries they are stepping into. Students and advisors who register here by Thursday, Nov. 12, and attend the event will receive a newly released career cluster shirt from the SkillsUSA Store!


SkillsUSA Champions Digital Hub

SkillsUSA created the new digital version of SkillsUSA Champions magazine in response to member requests for more content more often, and that’s exactly what this site provides. You’ll find inspiring features, relevant and timely news items and a user-friendly design that lets you easily share anything you deem share-worthy.

There’s also a “Submit a Story” link at the top of every page, so if you have chapter news or a story idea you think is worth sharing, advisors and students can easily submit stories and photos for SkillsUSA’s communications staff to review. Rather than looking at the site as a traditional “issue” of the magazine, look at it as an ever-expanding resource of inspirational, real-world examples of the SkillsUSA mission in action. The hope is that when someone asks you what impact SkillsUSA can have on a life, you can point them to the site and say, “Pick a story. Any story.”

We encourage you to continually check the new SkillsUSA Champions digital hub at


Member of the Month

Looking to recognize a student for the great work they are doing in your chapter? Check out the Member of the Month Chapter Participation Guide to see how you can recognize your outstanding members locally and on the national level!


SkillsUSA Week 2021 — T-shirt Design Contest

SkillsUSA is seeking student designs for the official T-shirt of SkillsUSA Week 2021. One design will be selected and produced by the SkillsUSA Store. The contest is open to all dues-paying student members. Only one entry/design per SkillsUSA member is permitted. All designs submitted should be appropriate for use on a red t-shirt and include the annual theme of SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, Empowered to Succeed.

All entries must be submitted to SkillsUSA exactly as directed in the rules, and entries become the property of SkillsUSA once submitted. Download the contest rules and submit your design here:

Submission deadline is Nov. 2 at 5 p.m. (EST).


Use SkillsUSA Advocacy Tools to Promote Your State Activities

The SkillsUSA advocacy site is a free resource for state leaders and advisors to write to their governor, lieutenant governor, state senators and representatives, state attorney general and other local officials, as well as members of Congress and the media.

To write to elected officials or to the media, go to: and compose a message by filling in your address and zip code and clicking on “Go.” To email a press release to local media, choose the media tab at the top of the webpage. From there, enter your zip code or click on your state on the map. Choose up to six outlets at a time and click “Send a Message.” Fill in your contact information, type or paste your message, and click “Send.”

We encourage you to help raise awareness of this resource. Thanks for being an advocate for SkillsUSA and career and technical education.  If you have questions, contact Jane Short at