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In compliance with the national contest standards, we will now require all contestants to submit a resume at the time they report to their individual contest.  Resumes will not be scored but may be used as a tie breaker. 


Code of Conduct & Media Release Form 

For 2019 students will be required to turn in their signed  Code of Conduct & Media Release Form, along with their resume, at the time they report to their individual contest.  The form is new this year and is posted in the DOWNLOADS section of our state website.



Contest updates are posted as they are received.  Make it a habit to check the website daily for any new information.


Job Skill Demo A & Open

Job Skill A:  Students will demonstrate a skill they have learned in their chosen career training program

Job Skill Open:  Students will demonstrate something outside their chosen career training program.


Chapter Excellence Applications

We would like to see your chapter recognized as one of NJ’s Quality Chapters during the April 13 Awards Ceremony!

Now that our contest registrations are complete, consider logging in to the national website to complete a Chapter Excellence application.  Need help with that process?  Give our office a call.

Deadline for NJ’s applications is March 14.


Membership Challenge UPDATE
We are pleased to report that New Jersey's membership challenge is very close to paying off.  Currently we are about 100 members short of exceeding last year's membership, but there are nearly 300 names in the national database that cannot be counted until all advisors click the "join now" button. If those names are finalized we will have achieved our goal for 2018-19.  To those of you who have not finished, please follow up ASAP.  The deadline for national membership is March 1.




Deadline Approaching for the SkillsUSA/CareerSafe Video Contest

SkillsUSA is partnering with CareerSafe for a safety video competition. Teens across the country are challenged to create a video demonstrating safety in the workplace.

CareerSafe, Safety Education for America’s Future, is sponsoring the 2018-19 National Youth Safety Video Contest. The competition kicked off Oct. 16, and all submissions need to be sent into CareerSafe by March 1. The winning students will receive a SkillsUSA prize package as well as a scholarship up to $2,500. The winning school will receive a prize up to $5,000.

Every seven minutes, a teen is hospitalized because of a workplace injury. Every two minutes, a teen is injured in the workplace. Every five days, a teen is killed in the workplace. The competition helps raise awareness about this important issue.

Note: This is not part of the SkillsUSA Championships competitions and has no impact on a student’s eligibility to compete in a state contest.

Get the contest details at:

The 2018 winning videos are posted there.  Check them out!

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