SkillsUSA Friday Flash, November 12, 2021




Nov. 17 Advisor Meeting

Due to a variety of factors, the agenda for next Wednesday’s Fall Leadership conference will not include an advisor meeting. The date of our next advisor meeting is forthcoming.


Contest Updates for NJ SkillsUSA Championships

The National SkillsUSA Technical Standards outline a menu of skills that comprise each national contest.

Our state events are designed based on those national standards.  Advisors and instructors should review the 2022 National Tech Standards when preparing students for competition. (The tech standards are a benefit of paid professional membership.)  Because our state competitions are conducted in one day instead of the three-day national event, Contest Coordinators will often post contest updates that outline any details that will differ from the published national standards.  Those Contest Updates are listed on our website: . The Contest Updates are the first item in the drop down menu after clicking on the Contests tab.  2021 Contest Updates are being removed as we prepare for the 2022 State Championships.




Deadline is Nov. 15 to enter the SkillsUSA Week T-shirt Design Challenge

SkillsUSA is seeking student designs for the official T-shirt of SkillsUSA Week 2022. One design will be selected and produced by the SkillsUSA Store. The contest is open to all dues-paying student members. Only one entry/design per SkillsUSA member is permitted. All designs submitted should be appropriate for use on a red T-shirt and follow the design specifications outlined in the Challenge Guide. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. ET.


Manufacturing Expertise on “SkillsUSA Technical Fridays”

Join us for “SkillsUSA Technical Fridays,” SkillsUSA’s industry-led workshops that help teachers develop specific technical skills relevant to their career fields. On Nov. 19 at 4 p.m. ET, the presenter will be Thom Tremblay from Autodesk who manages the client success for Team D3 and developed learning content for Autodesk through concepts and design. During his session, he will focus on the Generative Design tools in Autodesk Fusion 360, which are the next stage in CAD evolution that the designers, engineers and machinists of the future will work with daily. The cost to attend the session is $10. Register here.


Register by Nov. 14 to Participate in the Airport Design Challenge

The Federal Aviation Administration Science (FAA), Technology, Engineering, and Math Aviation and Space Education Program organizes and sponsors the Airport Design Challenge, a seven-week interactive learning and collaboration opportunity for students in grades K-12. During the Airport Design Challenge, students will have the opportunity to design virtual airports in Minecraft based on guidance from FAA aerospace and engineering experts. The challenge offers first-hand experience in an aviation-related application of STEM concepts and helps students apply their academic knowledge and skills to professional simulations. Participating students will meet aviation professionals, engage with other designers, and learn about the aerospace industry. Register by Nov. 14 to participate. The challenge begins Nov. 15 and concludes on Jan. 14, 2022.


Check Out the Wealth of Professional Development This Fall

Please join your fellow advisors for our fall SkillsUSA Professional Development offerings. With upcoming topics like “Guides for Hosting a Local Career Competition,” “Establishing a Framework Culture,” “Jumpstart 2.0,” and the “At-Work Series” (which includes critical thinking, conflict management and difficult conversations at work), these sessions can keep the school year moving in exciting directions. Learn more about SkillsUSA’s offerings on SkillsUSA’s online training calendar. Completion certificates are provided for each session. Use this Google Doc to learn how to access your Professional Membership benefits online. A PDF of the 2021-22 Professional Development Opportunities is available here. For questions, contact Karolina Belen.