New Jersey SkillsUSA Championships



SkillsUSA local chapters may nominate educators and administrators who are current active Professional Members of SkillsUSA to contest or conference committees.


Volunteers will be appointed to three-year terms. Appointments should have the approval of the state association director, local / district administration, and technical committee.

The volunteer member is eligible to reapply at the conclusion of each three-year term.


Qualifications for appointment:


Must be an active professional member of SkillsUSA and be skilled in the area of appointment.

Must be willing to follow the leadership of the technical committee or conference committee and complete the requested assignments in an orderly and congenial manner to ensure the success of the State SkillsUSA Championships.

Must be committed to improving communications between instructors, technical committees, state association director, and state department of education for the purpose

of insuring a successful championships.


Nomination process:


Interested educators should submit a cover letter and resume to the state SkillsUSA director, along with a letter of support from a local/district administrator.

Judge’s Guidelines


1. The judges should be completely familiar with the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards including general rules as well as the rules for the specific contest they are asked to judge.


2. The judges must review a copy of the problem to be assigned to the contestants and a copy of the judges rating sheet(s) along with complete instructions from the Contest Coordinator prior to the competition.


3. During the Judges orientation, the Contest Coordinator should discuss 

· rule interpretations

· the contest set up

· materials and equipment

· lunch arrangements

· safety & emergency procedures

· last-minute details

· review score sheets 


4. The judges should know contestants by number only. 


5. The Contest Coordinator, or his/her designee, will be the judge for the official clothing requirements and will if necessary assess penalty points.


6. Contestants not meeting the requirements of safety clothing and devices may be removed from the competition if, in the opinion of the contest coordinator and judges, there is a major safety risk.


7. After the judging is completed, the judges should discuss their ratings prior to final rankings.


8. The Contest Coordinator will validate the judges' rating sheets, compile total scores, and determine the first, second, and third place finishers.


9. The Contest Coordinator will bring the final results to the Site Coordinator or designated drop-off point immediately following the tabulations and determinations of the winners. 


10. All judges rating sheets, notes, and other related information MUST be returned to the contest coordinator following the judging.


11. Judges are asked to assist the Contest Coordinator in holding a debriefing session for all contestants during which general, NOT individual, feedback is provided.



If an appeal is filed with the Technical Chairperson, the Executive Committee must receive the appeal form no later than one (1) hour after the completion of the contest. This will give the Executive Committee time to review the contest rules and interview the Technical Chairperson should clarification be needed. 

On the Request for Appeal form, it is necessary to describe in detail the question and specific violation of the relevant contest guidelines. The appeal must contain sufficient evidence to verify the problem. 

*The Request for Appeal should bear the signature of the chapter advisor or administrator.

The members of the NJ SkillsUSA Championships Executive Committee will review and act upon the Request for Appeal. The action of the committee is final. 

The individual submitting the Request for Appeal will receive a written response prior to the convening of the Awards Ceremony. 

Any post conference inquiries regarding scoring, rankings, and contest standards shall be taken very seriously for the purpose of making corrections and/or improvements for subsequent conferences, pending review by the appropriate technical committee. 

Final scores and all contest documentation will be maintained on file for one year.