SkillsUSA has been serving students, educators and business and industry by keeping up with both employers' needs and education mandates and trends. Business, industry and education partnerships thrive in curricula programs that require industry input in classroom standards.

Professional Development Program
The Professional Development Program, a curriculum developed by SkillsUSA in conjunction with Business and Industry, teaches employability skills such as the ability to communicate, work on a team, resolve conflicts, confront ethical dilemmas, manage one's time in an effective manner.
SkillsUSA's Professional Development Program

Student 2 Student Mentoring Program
This program gives high school students the chance to serve as mentors to younger middle or elementary school students. This gives the younger students a chance to consider them to all sorts of career options before they reach high school. High school mentors arrange a tour of their school for the younger students. Mentors representing each training program give brief presentations on their program. The younger students spend the day with their older mentors, and receive certificates of completion at the end of the tour.
Student2Student Mentoring Program

SkillsUSA Day

A dynamic, customized, hands on leadership and chapter development training program

This is a synopsis of a new training model that was successful in three chapters during the 2011-12 school year. As a result, membership and conference participation increased. New state officer candidates emerged as well. Here is an overview:

Participants: Two delegates from each career major and all chapter officers.

Schedule: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Cost: There is no cost for chapters to participate.

Materials:  Leadership Handbook, Chapter Calendar, PDP, etc.

Opening session: Start out with Ice Breakers and Team Building exercises.

Training Agenda:

· Recruitment and Membership

· Chapter officer elections

· Officer responsibilities

· Organizing committees

· Fundraising strategies

· Community Service

· Local competitions

· Media Relations and Publicity

We had particular success with the 30 second elevator speech, around which we created a speech competition. It got everyone motivated to learn what SkillsUSA was all about. We had prizes for the winners, and it was surprising how well the students responded.

Another successful strategy was to use the SkillsUSA Pocket Guides as handouts and study guides for the speech contest.

We have marketed "SkillsUSA Day" as a way to invade a campus with our state staff, certified trainers, state officers, and alumni for a full day of intensive training. At the end of the day, the goal is to leave the chapter officers and advisors with a blueprint for developing a full program of work. If we do the local chapter training at the beginning of the school year, the advisors and officers can put their knowledge to work and hopefully expand membership and participation in their entire SkillsUSA program.